Mirtec International is a leading manufacturer in the field of Personal care products and Household Items. Since its establishment, it has been dedicated to provide its customers with high quality exclusive products.


       Proudly, we are continually adding new products and working to keep prices competitive, making your business experience with us our priority.. We seek to provide directly those in demand, with good quality products at a moderate price. 

        Mirtec International Co. manufactures and exports Natural Loofah manufactured In Egypt. It is carefully manufactured using the best raw materials worldwide starting with carefully selected natural Egyptian Loofah known for its great water holding capacity and extra soft surface and the use of 100% Egyptian cotton.  All this in return is to ensure its outstanding quality and durability.       

       Our high Production capacities of 8,000 pcs/shift for Natural Loofah & 50,000 pcs/shift for Kitchen sponges have given us the privilege to work with Big size customers to fullfil their product & promotional needs.


In a very short time, Mirtec brands have been able to dig its roots in the International Markets due to the following:-

In terms of Company Values and Diversity:-


1)      Working with well trained and professional employees in their field

2)      Providing very good incentive programs and salary packages

3)      Open channel of communication between employees and upper management.

4)      Prioritizing Business Ethics Over Company immediate interest.

5)      Training and employment program to Handicapped in several departments in headoffice.

We are a considered a vertically integrated company since we control most parts of the Production process starting from raw materials quality, manufacturing, transporting, marketing and Sales.  In addition to our High Manufacturing Capacity, we have the opportunity to easily adjust and Raise our capacities to handle new customers since raising capital for further development is easily possible.

 In terms of Product:-


1)     Very high quality product in the market

2)     Reasonable prices

3)     Attractive Designs of products along with attractive packing.


In terms of Service provided:-


1)      Maintaining good relationships with all customers.

2)      Providing extra services than our competitor e.g. Quick delivery, Call center for orders online, display stands, EDI Capabilities etc...

3)      Continuous follow up from our sales Department on all customers to achieve the highest possible sales.

4)      Continuous visit from our marketing department for :

a)      Research and development

b)      Maintaining good display of products

c)      Communicate with customers to explore ways in increasing sales

Plot 551, Industrial Zone, New Cairo, Egypt
P.O.Box: 276, 5th Settlement Post Office New Cairo Egypt


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