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Our Vision

      To be a well recognized & leading manufacturing company both locally & internationally, offering a variety of high quality products with modern designs  satisfying all tastes of all ages. In addition to continuously expanding production capabilities and increasing productivity to offer better lead times to customer all over the world. All while providing a healthy and safe social environment for our team as well as preserving our environment from polluting factors.
To open new markets across the world and be an added value to the Egyptian economy as well as standing out as the leading Natural Loofah Manufacturer in the World.  

Mirtec International office building.jpg

Our Mission

    Mirtec’s mission is to execute its vision by directing its attention towards selecting and using the most up to date manufacturing standards and technology available leading to a high consistent quality products both available locally and across the world. In addition to expanding geographically and increasing production facilities and sites that are designed to provide a safe working environment for all company employees. In addition to taking advantage of lean manufacturing and in return achieving more economical and efficient production lines with minimum waste and maximum productivity.

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