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Our Quality policy

        Mirtec International Co, a leading manufacturer of Bath loofahs, Shower poufs, Kitchen sponges , hotel amenities and disposable medical masks, is committed to developing, documenting and applying an integrated management system and providing products that fulfill the desires and aspirations of customers while maintaining the safety of workers, in accordance with the legislation, regulatory laws and requirements of international standards ISO 9001, ISO 45001.


We strive for this through:

• That the quality and safety of products and customer satisfaction is the motto of all employees of the company.
• Focusing on continuous improvement by keeping pace with technological and technical development in the industrial field and working to achieve the company's goals during the time period set for each of the goals.
• Providing the necessary resources by selecting the best human elements and providing the infrastructure and all resources to provide safe and high quality products.
• Compliance with the laws and legislations related to all the company's activities, the requirements of international standards and the requirements of customers, and the provision of the necessary resources to manage communication operations with high efficiency and with clear responsibilities.

 The company's management of its risks on an ongoing basis and the search for the best ways to determine the expectations of the interested parties and work to achieve them.
• Reducing accidents and work risks resulting from production operations, contracting operations and installations to a safe extent (inside/outside) the work site in accordance with the company's policy.
• Providing personal protection means for employees (PPE) according to the analysis and evaluation of actual and expected risks.

• Focusing on teamwork as the best practical means for improvement and development and raising the level of human elements and cadres through continuous training and development.
The management undertakes to communicate this policy to all employees of the company at all levels to ensure their commitment and to supervise its application and preservation.

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